Frequently Asked Questions

Each property’s page includes information on whether it’s financeable or cash only.  

Filter your search to easily see only financeable properties or cash only properties. 

Buyers can save a lot of money. 

Although the lender must approve the sale of the property, they’ll accept less than the amount a borrower owes on a mortgage—meaning you could benefit from a significantly lower price in comparison to a traditional sale.   

No, you can’t see who is bidding or how much they’re bidding—but that means they can’t see those things about you either. We want to protect everyone’s privacy. 

It depends! They vary in duration.  

For specific sale locations and times, refer to the property details page. 

Registration with Xome isn’t required, but your experience will be enhanced if you do. 

Registration gives you access to the most up-to-date information about an auction, including any updates to the properties you’re interested in bidding on, or any changes to the auctions you’re registered for.   

Learn more about registering with Xome.

Just register as a bidder, then search our available CWCOT properties and check out the ones you’re interested in. 

We extend the auction time by 7.5 minutes any time someone has been outbid during the last 7.5 minutes of an auction. 

The auction will continue to be extended by 7.5-minute increments until 7.5 minutes have passed without any bidding activity. Extending the time ensures transparency and a fair bidding opportunity to all.  

If you were the one outbid within the last 7.5 minutes of an auction event, we send you an email letting you know the auction is now extended for an additional 7.5 minutes, so you have time to place another bid if you want to. We highly recommend you keep your phone nearby and/or track your email alerts and your listings nearing their bidding time limits.    


Great question, as this is one of the most important steps. A good way to research a bank-owned property is to contact the Titles and Records department in the county where the property is located.  


Generally, this information can be found at a county courthouse, either in their paper files or on their website. 

Nope! (Plus, most CWCOT properties aren’t on MLS, so there’s less competition for a property you might be interested in.) 


We partner with Trulioo, a global online identity verification service to verify your identity information.  

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