Giving Back to Veterans on Giving Tuesday

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Image courtesy of the Military Warriors Support Foundation

The holiday season is rapidly approaching — a time for joy, togetherness, and reflection. But the holidays also present an opportunity to embody ideals of compassion and goodwill, finding ways to share hope and build connections in our communities and beyond.

That’s why Giving Tuesday was established in 2012, as a day for people to do something good. It provides a thoughtful contrast to the hustle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, inspiring people everywhere to collaborate, give back, and make a difference in the world around them through the spirit of radical generosity.

To celebrate that spirit, Xome® is partnering with the Military Warriors Support Foundation to contribute toward the vital work they do to support combat-wounded veterans, Gold Star spouses, and their families.

Honoring those who have served and sacrificed

For every bid received during our Cyber Monday sale from November 25 to November 27, Xome will be donating $10 toward the foundation and its mission. A key Military Warriors Support Foundation program is Homes4WoundedHeroes, which awards mortgage-free homes along with three years of financial literacy training to combat-wounded veterans and spouses of soldiers killed in action.

“The Military Warriors Support Foundation is honored to be partnering with Xome for the Global Day of Giving Tuesday,” says Ken Eakes, Executive Director of the Military Warriors Support Foundation. “Our life changing Homes4WoundedHeroes program has awarded almost 1,000 mortgage-free homes to hero families in all 50 states. With the help of Xome and all those who contribute, MWSF is able to provide essential services to our combat-wounded heroes and Gold Star families.”

“We can think of no better program that aligns with Xome’s purpose to keep the dream of homeownership alive,” said Xome CEO Mike Rawls. “This is a small but meaningful way that we can give back to veterans and their families and honor their service and sacrifice for our country.”

“Giving Tuesday is all about transforming the world through giving back,” added Xome CMO Greg Goyne. “We wanted to embrace that concept and use this day as a chance to partner with our customers to generate funds for a very worthy cause.”

“The collaboration between Xome and our customers for Giving Tuesday strongly illustrates the incredible impact we can create together in nurturing a culture of generosity and compassion,” said Heather Adams, VP of Buyer Experience.

Embracing the spirit of generosity at Xome

The partnership with Military Warriors Support Foundation is a meaningful one for many Xome employees as well, who are all about what Giving Tuesday represents and how we are choosing to support it.

“It’s always a good feeling to be a part of an organization that embraces compassion and action throughout different communities. At Xome, we know that our Giving Tuesday pledge, while meaningful, pales in comparison to the sacrifices of servicemembers and their families,” said Reg Shepherd, Principal Client Relations.

Meredith Lyons, Principal Client Relations, said, “I am proud and thankful to be part of an organization who gives back to the brave men and women who have fought for our country,” she says. “Giving Tuesday is another great opportunity for Xome and our customers to give back to the military community.”

“Xome’s partnership with customers to enhance this generosity movement on Giving Tuesday signifies a shared commitment to those who served by supporting and honoring them,” added Deepa Natarajan, Senior IT QA Analyst. “It also places an emphasis on a joint dedication to express our gratitude and makes a positive impact in the lives of veterans. I am extremely proud to be part of Xome!”

“The process of buying and selling homes on a free market and moving freely and securely within our nation’s borders comes with a price that was paid by so many great veterans. Many of us take on debt to purchase a home, but this debt we owe to our veterans could never be fully satisfied,” said Rachel Santos, VP Finance. “No amount of money could pay this debt.  The best we can do to pay back this debt is to support them in every way: contributions to the Military Warriors Support Foundation, helping them in times of need, and giving them honor, respect, and appreciation.”

Register now for the Cyber Monday sale for select REO and CWCOT properties, from 11/25 through 11/27, and help support veterans across the country.

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