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Xome® offers a suite of valuation solutions ranging from Appraisal, BPOs and alternative valuation products for both Mortgage Originators and Servicers nationwide.

What makes us different?

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A compliance-first culture powered by data and technology process:

  • MLS and Public Record Data Verification
    To ensure data integrity and mitigate fraud, we use robust data sets to validate the significant characteristics of the subject and comparable properties' inputs.
  • Data Science Analytics
    Machine learning analytic models are leveraged to determine valuation risk, comparable sales are ranked / scored based on likeness and key attributes. Xome quality control reviews leverage direct access to MLS data feeds encompassing over 90% of the US market.
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  • Proprietary Software
    Our proprietary operating system allows for efficient assignment and review of all valuations. Xome has industry leading turnaround times and valuation quality.
  • USPAP Certified Knowledgeable Staff
    All assignment and quality control staff are trained in USPAP, federal regulations and state laws.
  • Dedicated Customer Service
    Our seasoned, knowledgeable staff are readily available to address all client needs. Xome provides dedicated single point of contact for escalations and overall performance management.
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