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We believe the process of buying/selling a home shouldn't undermine the excitement of home ownership. To ensure our customers have a great experience, we have our customers work with experienced, local real estate agents. That is why we created our real estate professional partner program, the Xome Agent Network, to connect qualified agents with Xome's customers to help achieve their goals.


What is the Xome Agent Network?

Xome Agents have access to an online and mobile technology suite that's been designed to help you be more efficient in your business. You'll have access to qualified home buyers and sellers who are ready to go.

Screenshots taken from the Xome Agent Portal running on desktop and mobile

All Xome Agents receive the following through our partner program:

  • Ability to bid for qualified home buyer and seller opportunities
  • A Xome Agent portal that has dashboards and communication tools to help you stay on top of your business
  • Access to the Xome Concierge®, a service that agents can use as a virtual assistant to support their business
Screenshot showing Xome Agent profile cards with headshots and star ratings

Xome Agent Network Admission Requirements

All agents must submit the following to be considered for the Xome Agent Network at our Xome Agent Network portal:

  • Your resume/bio
  • A professional profile photograph
  • A 15 second video addressing suggested topics
Screenshot showing a detailed view of a Xome Agent profile

Xome Agent Network Program Requirements

All agents in our Xome Agent Network must agree to the following program requirements:

  • Pass a Licensure, Certificate of Insurance, and Background check
  • Pay Xome a referral fee for each closed deal
  • Use the Xome Agent Network tools in the portal for all Xome deals