Want to Sell a House? DIY Sales Options Are Changing the Face of Real Estate

As the real estate world continues to buzz with the latest news around the National Association of Realtors (NAR) lawsuit settlement — $418 million along with rule changes on the horizon — there have been a lot of questions about the future of agent compensation and the overall structure of property sales.

Whether or not the NAR case will have a big impact on the market remains yet to be seen, but through it all one thing has continued to be undeniably clear: there’s a growing demand for greater transparency and a more streamlined, user-driven approach to buying and selling homes.

Why a shift to DIY home selling is the future

The traditional listing route can have sellers waiting months for the right offer to come in, and they often have less control over and less insight into the transaction. As a result, investors are looking for new ways to navigate home sales rather than relying solely on agents. They want the ability to decide how their property is marketed, who gets to view it, and ultimately, who buys it.

That’s why many investors are drifting towards DIY home selling solutions that empower them to be in the driver’s seat for their transactions from start to finish. They are looking for full visibility into every aspect of their real estate experience to gain the clarity and control they are missing.

The DIY demand marks significant shift towards a more democratized approach to real estate where the power dynamics are rebalanced, giving sellers more authority and autonomy over their transactions. A new era of real estate is emerging where sales are faster, more straightforward, and reflective of everyone’s best interests. This transformation is crucial in restoring trust, helping to ensure that every move is clear and that every participant feels empowered to make decisions that best suit their needs.

Introducing a new option — selling via auction with Xome

At the forefront of this democratization is a new self-service capability from Xome® for investors who want to sell a home at auction — no agent required. Investors have full transparency and control from listing to negotiations to closing, all in real time and with no seller’s fee. This is a shift from other options in the real estate market that allow for DIY home selling but require investors to use agents for all transactions.

Currently homeowners who want to sell their primary residence at auction can do so with the help of a listing agent, but Xome is in the process of making that a DIY feature in the coming months as well.

According to Xome’s COO, Mike Jansta, the goal is empowering investors with more flexibility to navigate the market in the way that they choose and get the results they’re looking for in the sale. In addition to listing on their own, Xome can also match sellers with an agent, or they are free to use their own trusted agent for the whole process.

“The big advantage here for investors is that auctions can help sell properties faster, with less overhead and more control than they might find in the traditional sale process,” said Jansta.

“Xome has sold over 115,000 properties at auction, and those sales haven’t just been distressed homes being sold for a fraction of their asking price,” added Mike Rawls, Xome CEO. “We provide an all-inclusive marketplace with a transparent, competitive bidding process that can benefit both buyers and sellers alike.”

How does selling with Xome work?

Once users go through a quick onboarding process, they are guided through listing their property step by step. The seller portal provides a single location to manage all the details. Users can upload property details, add photos, set reserve prices, manage bids and offers, and even sign documents right in the portal.

With just a few clicks, investors can list on Xome’s proprietary online auction platform and reach a robust nationwide network of over 875,000 serious bidders with multichannel marketing for every property. The competitive auction process helps the property sell for its true market value, and all along the way Xome’s team of real estate professionals is there to provide expert support.

Working directly with Xome as a trusted auction partner is changing the game for investors looking for a simpler, more straightforward solution. No more waiting, no more wondering — selling at auction with Xome is all about the results.

Are you ready to get started? Sign up to sell with Xome today.

Real estate investing involves risks. Results may vary.

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