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Introducing Xome Auction Simulator

Learn how to see things like a real estate investor.

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Experience the Thrill of Online Real Estate Auctions, Risk-Free

Welcome to Auctionland! It's a virtual town brimming with opportunity for a real estate investor with an eye for hidden gems.

With Xome Auction Simulator, novice investors can put their skills to the test while leveling-up their knowledge about real-world auctions. You'll learn how to comb through listings, place strategic bids, flip or rent, and see if you can turn a $500,000 windfall into a thriving real estate investment portfolio in this exciting new game.

Using information modeled from real market data, this game teaches you the art of real estate investing with none of the risk. The money is fake, but the lessons are real. Try it today!

Become the Smartest
Real Estate Investor in Town.

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We are here to provide you with the necessary guidance and resources to help you become a confident purchaser of real estate. When the time comes for you to invest actual money, keep in mind that real estate investing involves risks and results may vary. Due diligence is essential and professional advice is strongly recommended.