Migrating Digital Assets to the Cloud: A Xome Technology Case Study

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In today’s digital era, businesses like Xome® recognize the importance of harnessing the power of cloud technology to innovate and adapt quickly as business needs change. That is why we recently completed a migration of all our digital assets to the cloud.

We left our on-premise data centers behind and traded them in for a single hosting platform in the cloud. This will not only reduce computing costs with a more scalable environment, but also provide our customers with a much better user experience.

Through this experience we have been able to increase our security, enhance internal processes, and improve our digital solutions at Xome.

Why migrate to the cloud?

Migrating to the cloud allows our infrastructure and applications to run seamlessly with any cloud provider. That flexibility will be needed as our business grows. We chose Microsoft Azure as our cloud computing solution because it was the best fit in terms of effort, architecture, cost, and future business needs.

By modernizing the infrastructure, we eliminate the need for manual hardware maintenance in the data center. We have reduced our overall costs significantly by not having that overhead. Being on a single hosting platform also improves performance and optimization of our retail and auction products while enhancing security measures.

Moving to the cloud was ideal for both our customers and employees. Our customers will experience enhanced Xome products while our employees’ work lives are improved. Cloud-based tools enable asynchronous project collaboration and teamwork, improving the day-to-day business operations.

The benefits of moving our infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud

There are several rewarding benefits that came from our cloud migration, especially enhanced security and data protection for our customers and applications.

 By leveraging cloud security measures like multi-factor authentication (MFA), we were able to provide an extra layer of security for user identities. Additionally, with custom policies, we can support elevated restrictions to certain areas and resources.

A few of the additional areas that we saw improvement in were our development, quality assurance, and data management processes. By moving to the cloud, we were able to increase collaboration and productivity in our development machine learning lifecycle and quality assurance procedures while simplifying management and maintenance of resources and applications.

This significantly reduced burdens on our IT teams while improving our code and applications. After migrating, we are now able to diagnose application issues faster while improving the usability of our web applications.

As a real estate technology company, we deal with vast amounts of data. Cloud computing offers enhanced data storage and management capabilities, enabling us to securely store, process, and analyze large datasets. We have also seen the benefit of cloud-based analytics tools and machine learning algorithms that help us to extract valuable insights from that data, improving our decision-making and helping us to stay ahead of the competition.

Achieving a successful cloud migration

Migrating from our data center to the cloud represents a significant leap forward for Xome as we harness the full potential of cloud services — and the results are undeniable. We have modernized our infrastructure into a single platform, enhanced the security and performance of our digital assets, and improved our internal processes, all while cutting costs and maintenance.

As our business and products grow, having our operations in the cloud will ensure that our organization remains at the forefront of digital transformation, ready to adapt to the fluctuating demands of the real-estate market.

See our digital products in action while searching properties for auction, for sale, or search for any address.  

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