Ask Xome Anything – California Edition

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Do you have any questions about the CCPA? You have come to the right place! Below are our CCPA-required disclosures in an easy-to-read (and understand) Q & A format. So, let's get to it…

  • For starters, what's the CCPA?

    The CCPA is the California Consumer Privacy Act 2018, as amended by the California Privacy Rights Act 2020, with those changes became effective January 1, 2023. It's a bill granting certain rights to California residents regarding their personal information. The following information is our California-specific privacy policy and Notice at Collection.

  • What's Personal Information?

    Practically anything that identifies, relates to, describes, or could be associated with you. Beyond your name, phone number, or email address, it includes what kind of device you are using to read this, or which web browser. Personal information includes biometric data, your geolocation, your prior commercial transactions and even your perceived preferences.

  • Do you have any of my Personal Information?

    We collect information about our customers to conduct our business. For example, we typically collect name, phone number, email address, mailing address, approximate location, your technology habits (e.g., what browser you use, if you are using a tablet or mobile phone, and internet activity), and commercial information like the products/services you’ve purchased from us.

    Below are categories of personal information we collect and the business purpose(s) for how we use it:

    Category of Personal Information Business Purpose(s)
    Identifiers (e.g. name, address, email, etc.) Performing services; providing customer service; protecting against fraud
    Commercial info (e.g. products/services considered or obtained) Providing customer service; marketing and advertising purposes
    Internet activity (e.g. browsing history, interactions with our advertisements) Providing online products and services; performing marketing and advertising
    Geolocation data Detecting security incidents or fraud; debugging mobile application
    Professional or employment-related information Performing services
    Inferences about your consumer preferences Providing customer service and for marketing/advertising purposes
  • How do you collect Personal Information?

    That depends. We collected most of this information directly from you – either when you set up an account or in a subsequent real estate transaction.

    But we might have also gotten information from an internet advertiser, a lead generator, or government entities from which public records are maintained. We also gather information using cookies and other online tools and technology. But this type of information is collected as aggregate consumer information. In other words, we collect some information about our anonymous website visitors, but we do not attempt to identify our visitors by name. We only identify you by name when you register an account with your personal information or log into our Xome customer portal. We also provide a Cookie Preference Manager where you can make specific categories of cookies active or inactive.

  • So, what do you do with this Personal Information?

    First and foremost, we do not SELL any of your information.

    We primarily use personal information to offer and provide you our products and services. This information helps us make decisions about you, protect you and us against fraud, and to provide you with a better digital experience when you use our mobile app or website.

    You could say that we collect, process, store and share your information.

  • Did you just say “share”? With whom do you share my personal information?

    That's right. We do share your information from time to time.

    For example, we work with other companies to provide a better customer experience. We call them “service providers” and they are under strict contractual restriction to do only what we permit with your information, and nothing more. In other words, these service providers are not able to sell or share the personal information they receive from us, except as Xome permits.

    Those service providers help us: audit our processes, market our services, debug applications, upgrade our technology or perform functions on our behalf.

    We share with the following types of firms: accountants, auditors, couriers, consultants, information security, information technology, investors, marketing, web, and app developers. We also sometimes share with affiliates.

  • And you said you don’t sell my personal information, right?

    That's right. In order to sell your information, we would need to first disclose to you our sale practices AND provide you with an easy "DO NOT SELL MY INFO" button on our website for you to opt-out of future sales of your personal information. But rest assured, we do not sell your personal information.

  • Can I ask you to delete the personal information you have about me?

    Under certain circumstances. The CCPA requires businesses that collect personal information directly from consumers to delete such information upon request. Unless the deletion request is subject to an exception or an exemption. We'll explain…

    Information we collect, store, or share in connection with providing you a financial product or service is exempt. Likewise, information we collect about individuals acting on behalf of a business (such as a partnership, LLC, sole proprietorship, etc.) is also exempt under the CCPA.

    Also, we might need to keep some of your information to complete a transaction, prevent or detect fraud, or comply with a legal obligation. While we may not delete your information, we will always use it for a lawful purpose that aligns to what you would expect given your relationship with Xome.

    If you're a Xome customer, follow this link to find out more about submitting a DELETION REQUEST.

    If you're not a Xome customer, at most, we only have aggregated consumer data that cannot be reasonably linked to you or your household. In other words, we haven’t collected any of your Personal Information, as defined by the CCPA, and will not have anything to delete.

  • Can I at least get a copy of what you’ve collected or shared?

    Yes. The CCPA refers to this as your "Right to Know". Even though much of the personal information that we collect is exempt under the CCPA, this is your information, and you can access it up to two times in any 12-month period.

    If you’re a Xome customer, click this link to find out more about submitting a RIGHT TO KNOW request.

    If you’re not a Xome customer, at most, we only have aggregated consumer data that cannot be reasonably linked to you or your household. In other words, we haven’t collected any of your Personal Information, as defined by the CCPA, and will not have anything to disclose back to you.

  • Can my authorized agent submit a request on my behalf?

    Yes. To process a CCPA request through an authorized agent, we will need: (1) written evidence of the agent’s authority and (2) personal information of the authorized agent for verification purposes. Written evidence can include a power of attorney pursuant to Probate Code sections 4000 to 4465.

  • When Xome receives a request under the CCPA, how does it verify me?

    Our Xome customers must log into their online customer account before submitting a request under the CCPA. Logging in before submitting the request acts as a verification process and will help protect customers from fraudulent requests. Note: we will not deliver a Right to Know request to any email address other than one we have on file.

  • Where can I read more about Xome’s privacy practices?

    You can learn more about our privacy practices here.