Do agents need a special account to participate in online auction events?

No, there is not a separate account type for agents. In order for an agent to participate in an auction event, they must follow the same process as all other buyers.

Does Xome Auctions pay a commission to agents?

Agent commissions vary by auction event and asset type. If eligible, the agent will receive the applicable commission amount once the transaction has closed.

How do agents register to bid on behalf of their clients?

When registering for an auction event as an agent, be sure to select "Agent/Broker" from the "What describes you best" dropdown.

If I am an agent, when I register for an event do I use my credit card or the buyer’s?

To participate in an auction on behalf of your client, when registering for an auction event, fill out the required fields with your client's Visa, MasterCard or Discover card.

If I am an agent, how do I submit a pre-auction offer on behalf of a client?

To place a pre-auction offer on eligible properties, you will need to be logged in to your Xome account. On the property’s page there will be a Pre-Auction Offer section for submitting your client’s offer. Pre-auction offers are no longer accepted 48 hours prior to the beginning of the auction event. All interested buyers or agents interested in bidding after that need to register for the event the property is a part of and bid as part of the active event.

If I am an agent and win an auction on behalf of a client, how do I fill out the checkout form?

If you win an auction on behalf of a client, please fill out the checkout form from the buyer’s perspective with your client’s information. In order to be eligible for any applicable commission, ensure that you select "yes" when asked "Are you represented by an Agent or Broker?"

Will I be notified if my client’s offer is accepted, and will the contract be sent to the buyer or me as the agent?

Yes, you will be notified via email once the offer has been accepted by the seller and you will be included on the initial email sent to all signers. Once the contract is ready for signature, Xome will send an invitation to each individual signer to sign electronically. You will also receive an email once the contract is fully-executed.

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